Claims management for Ambulance Services

Ambulance claims and adjudication is proving to be a growing challenge for health plans. Health Plus Trans full service approach have reduced non-emergent and emergency ambulance costs by up to 18% introducing comprehensive eligibility confirmation procedures and prior internal authorization determinations. HPT has established strong ambulance networks & unmatched claims control solutions that reduces ambulance spending.

All non-emergent ambulance claims must obtain prior authorization. Following authorization, we schedule transportation with our network of credentialed providers, supported by our customer service departments. We also conduct level of need assessments to verify passengers’ need for ambulance services and ensure each transportation request is justified, but never sacrifice passenger well-being & safety.

Reducing Ambulance Expenditures

Built on our more than 10 years of non-emergency medical transportation management experience, our automated processes ensure cost savings to your health plan by:

» Increasing compliance and thoroughly vetting potential vendors
» Holding ambulance providers to standardized rates for reimbursement
» Prior authorizing services
» Verifying passengers’ need for ambulance transportation
» Thoroughly reviewing and adjudicating all claims
» Standardizing payment processes
» Analyzing data and integrating it to our internal reporting system